Apr 2008

Trying out different colours

After finishing the Eastside copper etching & aquatint, l tried out combinations of different papers from bright white through to deep cream with black ( T E Lawrence ) and sepia and sanguine inks from Charbonnel.

These are the results

l think on balance l prefer the black on a white paper and sepia on a cream paper.

Cosford sketches

Whilst attending a meeting of the Guild of Aviation Artists at RAF Cosford l took the opportunity to make some sketches which l've scanned below:

First copper plate etching

l have recently been trying my hand at etching on copper plate, using ferric chloride to bite the metal.

The subject is a section of the viaduct in the Digbeth area of Birmingham (the background view of building is the Custard Factory) and just a few metres from Birmingham Print Makers.

The actual image size is 15 x 20 cm and the images below show an early stage with the line bite and the completed image after the application of aquatint and a build up of tones.

l will be producing more architectural pieces on aluminium in the coming weeks at a bigger scale.