Apr 2009

Snowhill2009/2 prints

This plate (60x35cm) has been completed and l have begun to pull prints and the two images show the complete image and a detail. This plate has been worked to produce a coarse texture in order to try to yield a reasonable sizeed edition if needed and l also use a plate tone for the surrounding space of sky.

Changing Birmingham:Snowhill 2009/2

Further images generated from the building works in the Snowhill area of Birmingham. A preparatory drawing for the etching and a picture of the plate progressing through the etching process.

Snowhill 2009

Continuing subject matter from building work around Snowhill station.
images of the original drawing and an early proof from the plate

Cold War Wings completion

l have recently finished this etching and aquatint. unfortunately due to the intricate design on relatively soft aluminium, l have only been able to pull a small number of prints from this plate before details and tones became softened and lost definition.
Below is an image of an early stage and the finished print and a close up detail as well as the actual plate