Aug 2008

Sarah Ray and Michelle Harris exhibitions

Both of these local artists and members of Birmingham Printmakers have got exhibition previews this week. Sarah on Thursday of this week and Michelle the night after, on Friday.

Michelle is running workshops, details below

Continuing Catalina

These jpegs show an early stage and a completed image as well as one of the pieces of vinyl at the cutting stage. l may refine these plates are a little further. As it is a fairly ‘busy’ image l probably won’t cut a further plate to introduce another colour texture.

End and beginining

l have concluded the ‘Lone Russian’ print after trying out some toned down colours and arrived at a reasonable result:

first colour on this example

after applying two colours before the final black detail

one variation

another combination

and combining 4 colours

l have begun work on another aircraft (!) themed design this time with the Catalina seaplane as the central form. The dimensions are 33x43 cm and may be a two plate project or depending on the result may yet be needing a third plate


l’ve been having problems with recent postings disappearing or being muddled up, but l think the technical issues have been sorted.

As to printing, the current PI-16 ‘Lone Russian’ vinylcut is coming along and l now have 3 plates in total with which l’ve been trying out different colour combinations. These are some of the ensuing results and comments/feedback as to preference or suggestions would be welcome.