Dec 2008

Last etching of the year: 'Changing Birmingham - Highgate demolition'

The demolition of a residential highrise block of flats on Sherlock St in the Highgate area of Birmingham was the basis for this work. With the dramatic jagged pinnacle and exterior walls removed the tower made for a tempting subject.

From a number of photographs the drawing was made

Then followed the stages of etching and aquatint using Hunts Speedball screenfiller as the means of stop out.

The resultant plate ready for inking up

and a print

Happy Christmas!

courtesy of Per O G Dahlberg ©

Seasonal wishes (pt3)

courtesy of Per O G Dahlberg ©

Seasonal wishes (pt2)

© Per O G Dahlberg

Seasonal Wishes

l would like to wish visitors my very best wishes and hopes for season and 2009 which are very well expressed in a sequence of illustrations by © Per O G Dahlberg
(more of Per’s seasonal illustrations over the next few days)

London Exhibitions

On what turned out to be another unsucessful attempt to have work accepted for the annual Originals print exhibition at The Mall Galleries, l took the opportunity to take in some high quality print shows.

Firstly, another Birmingham born artist Peter Freeth R.A. who has an exhibition of his work (till on at the Royal Academy which includes alot of information about his ways of working which are quite complex. l especially liked his early work which incorporated newspaper images from a period when the nature of newspaper ink facilitated this approach.

There are two galleries featuring work of Cyril Power and other linocut artists of the Grosvenor School. The Redfern Gallery on Cork Street (close to The Royal Academy) has a pleasing range of original works such as Sybil Andrews’ ‘Gipsies’ below which are so evocative in their design. The other gallery showing work by this school is Osborne Samuel again in the Mayfair area.

© Sybil Andrews

l finished off by visiting Bankside Gallery to go around the Mini Picture show which has a range of prints from as little as £25 and features artists such as Anita Klein (below)

© Anita Klein

Exhibition - The Works Winter Salon

Just a short distance away from our Digbeth location is the Jubilee Centre which has various artists studios and they’re staging an exhibition this coming week

The Art of Birmingham 1940 - 2008

This image ‘White Chevy Red Trailer’ is the work of John Salt, a local born artist who is best known for his photo realist air brush paintings of American cars, often in a battered state. Some of his work is in the collection of the Birmingham Art Gallery and features in a current exhibition, The Art of Birmingham 1940 - 2008 which continues until Feb 1 2009. ( Paul Bartlett a member of Birmingham Printmakers also has work in this show)
Listening to John Salt talk about his work recently, l was struck by the incredible painstaking process he uses to create his work which involves breaking down the image into small sections and completing these rather than building it up incrementally by working over the whole canvas.

His airbrush technique is combined with cutting out very intricate stencils from paper through which he develops the layers of colours. He does not use the airbrush in a ‘freehand’ fashion but entirely with the use of stencils. An incredible artist!