Jan 2008

First print of 2008

After focussing on the move of Birmingham Printmakers and then the more domestic overhaul and tidying of my own workspace at home, l've finally been able to get down to some of my own printmaking.
This design is inspired by the classic Avro Vulcan aircraft of the cold war era with it's graceful and elegant delta wing design.
l was given a vinyl floor tile by Paul Hipkiss and found that it was easier to cut and achieve a finer line and of course did away with cutting against the grain and splintering.
l'm hoping to develop this design into 2 or 3 colour variations.
The images below show the vinyl block and a black print from this and a print with a green base colour.

Hiroshige at the Ikon Gallery

An exhibition of prints from the nineteenth century by Utagawa Hiroshige being shown at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham closes on January 20 and is well worth a visit. Curated by Julian Opie, the exhibition contains a sample from series such as 36 Views of Fuji and100 Famous Views of Edo.
This artist demonstrates a mastery for depicting water and land forms as well as mountain terrain (the Ikon programme reveals the reproduction of one such when unfolded) as well as quite intricate placement of human figures and fascinating depictions of Japanese street scenes.
The intricacy, detail and use of colour is staggering. The Ikon bookshop stocks a range of books to accompany this exhibition.
And admission is free.

First member working in Floodgate St!

Earlier this week, Edgar Neblett turned up to work on his screens and became the first of the BPM membership to use the new Floodgate premises. Here's a few pics of Edgar in action :

Taking shape in Floodgate St

This is a recent view of the workshop after the move of all the equipment. We are completing the decoration and getting down to sorting out all the small equipment and finding a home for stuff still in boxes.

Moving to Floodgate St

Over the last month Birmingham Printmakers has been in the process of relocating to new premises in Floodgate St (see posting 5/12/07 for map). This has involved much work by members in packing and moving gear as well as redecorating the new place.
Special mention should be made of Freddie and his daughter Victoria who very patiently and skilfully brought over our presses and heavy equipment and to Dan who undertook the building and plumbing work.
The vintage Albion press took some doing to get into and out of buildings owing to it's height and weight but as Freddie told us, it was so engineered as to separate into pieces that could be carried up stairs and reassembled like a construction kit!
Here are a few pics to illustrate the above: