Jan 2009

New relief design

l am embarking on another aeronautically inspired vinylcut print based on the Belyaev DB-LK aircraft built during the late 1930’s by the U.S.S.R.
Begining with a drawn design:

cut marks on the square of vinyl flooring

and taking a print off this plate to evaluate the progress so far:

Completed etching

After some further etching l was able to print off the following:

l may opt to lose the BT tower in future prints by cropping the plate, as cropped in iPhoto results in the following:

Etching latest

After applying a couple of aquatints to the plate and bitten several times and taken a few prints to check on the result, it will be necessary to repeat the aquatint and etching in those areas of the image that weren’t adequately etched and when inked up and printed were visibly ‘shadowy’ and indistinct on the paper.

The plate after the first series of aquatint and etching:

preparing the plate for a further working having stopped out (covered) the areas which were sucessfully etched first time around:

New etching

Work has begun on a new image with the subject the construction around Snowhill station.

Shown below are the working drawing and an early stage in the etching of the plate

Soledad Pinto

© Soledad Pinto

The image above comes from the a recent installation by Soledad Pinto who is a member of Birmigham Printmakers who has put together her own site to show her range of work. This large piece is comprised of sections of screenprinted devore fabric sewn together with the original subject being a derelict building in Birmingham