Jan 2012

Michael de Montaigne

Inspired by the thoughts of
Montaigne in his Essays and other works ( and expertly illuminated by Sarah Bakewell), was the motivation behind my depiction of Montaigne with the tower in which he composed so much of his writing.

Images of a working drawing and a couple prints at different proof stages of this etching and aquatint on a 15x10 cm zinc plate. Hoping to try some additions of colour in near future and making final adjustments.

Mont dwg



Winter view

A sketch looking out of bedroom studio at the varied assortment of trees and shrubs of neighbouring gardens encompassing hawthorn, poplar, rowan, willow, apple which in their winter skeletal form contrast with the evergreen conifers.
Fortunately, there have been days of clear skies and welcome deep orange hues from a low setting afternoon sun to lift the heart.

Gardens view Jan12