Jul 2008


l’ve long admired life drawing images and l attempt some of my own on a sporadic basis with the long term aim of producing an etching. Attending a long session l was able to generate a reasonable pencil and watercolour pencil pencil study.


One of the current relief print projects is based around a WW2 aircraft built by the USSR, the Polikarpov PI-16 which l am setting against a backdrop of snowy landscape with conifer trees.

A sketch of the design

the tracing to apply to the vinyl

cutting the vinyl

taking a print from the work in progress

more plates to cut!

Dean Melbourne

Dean's sent me a link to his site ' from perfume to birdsong' which is vibrant and varied. l particularly like his enamel on aluminium work - this medium has a quality which always draws my eye whenever l (too infrequently) see it in exhibitions. Louise Sanders is another exponent of this genre - sorry no known site to link to as yet.