Jul 2009

Cold War Wings 2

With the disappointment of a plate that ony yielded a handful of acceptable prints, l repeated the design once more and hopefully more robustly etched!
Images showing the plate being stopped out, the completed plate, the full print and a close up detail.

Arts All Over The Place

Recently, l was involved in a workshop as part of the Arts All Over The Place festival and had the luck to asist in the making of a collage/print/mixed media depiction of the Birmingham skyline with the following result:

Custard Factory etching

Inspired by the extensive buildings of the Custard Factory which borders one side of the Birmingham Printmakers workshop, l had a go at a scene depicting the rennovation work on part of the site. This view is from the Floodgate Street side.
Along with a completed view of the print are a couple of close ups.

Birmingham Art Circle at Number Nine the Gallery

opening with reception & refreshments weekend of July11/12th