Jun 2011

New work

A couple of small etchings ( 10x10 & 15x5 ) on which l’ve used Prussian Blue and Sienna inks in addition to the standard Sepia to offer an alternative to the monotone versions.

Both images frame slightly differently the juxtaposition of old and new buildings in Birmingham city centre.

CityFlats (colour)

‘City Flats’ (10x10cm colour etching £15)

MoorStview (colour)

Moor St View (15x5 cm colour etching £15)

l will be bringing these prints for sale to the forthcoming Moseley Art Market on Saturday June 25th

Recent work

With a size limitation on submissions to an open engraving biennale, l repeated a couple of past images to meet the requirements.

Custard Factory5 (60x35cm) being a repeat of Custard Factory4 (75x35cm)


detail from CF5


and the earlier work Custard Factory 4:

Custard Factory (4) Birmingham.JPG

Earlier image - Changing Birmingham

Changing Birmingham (etching & aquatint  75x35cm)

and the recent rendering Changing Birmingham: Disappearing Past

ChangingBirmingham:disappearing past

And Take on the Tate with some subtle addition of colour:

TakeontheTate (colour 1)

Thanks to those who dropped by when l was at the May 28th Moseley Arts Market - l hope to be at the next one on June 25th