Mar 2008

Completion of first print

Over the last two months l've been working on one of a series of prints featuring aircraft profiles against distorted land or water forms.
This one based around the Avro Vulcan cold war bomber has preoccupied me particularly with detailing the aircraft and have tried leaving it as a white form, or using thin camouflage lines or lines of panels without satisfaction. l have found that overprinting the aircraft space to resemble the background and then applying a block with dark areas suggestive of camouflage seems to work well.
By using 3 colours and alternating the sequence of colours l can achieve 'warm' and 'cold' outcomes. A couple of my results have made it into the RBSA's Open All Media show which is currently on.

Here a few images showing stages of development with this project:

Birmingham Print Makers

l'm pleased to report that we have pretty well got things settled and sorted in Floodgate St and will be having an official opening on April 4 @ 6pm.

There is a list of courses being run over the next few months, details of which can be found on the website