May 2009

Belyaev DB-LK

A few images from a relief design begun back in February (07/02 posting) and which l’m printing up in traditional oil based ink having found water washable somewhat lack lustre and inefficient for crisp clean marks that my design needs.

An image of a print mid way through

and completed

Staff House UoB

Twelve members of Birmingham Printmakers put a dispay of varied print methods which runs till July 3.
It can be found in the Staff House building of Birmingham University (see posting of 0905 for map) which is open weekdays 8 till late.

University of Birmingham print

In preparation for a show of work from Birmingham Printmakers being staged at Birmingham University’s Staff House (May 18 - July 3), l attempted an image taking in some of the eye catching roof line made of the Clock Tower, Great Hall and the complex that makes up the Chancellor’s Court

Below are images of the drawing, plate and final print that resulted