Nov 2007

A Life In Relief

l would like to highly recommend the exhibition 'A Life In Relief' currently on at the gallery in The Custard Factory till Sunday which is inspired by the life of Michael Davitt. Brendon Deacy is the brilliant printmaker who has generated this exhibition over a period of 4 years and he is on hand to talk to visitors.

Here are a couple of the lino cuts reproduced with permission of Brendon

New work

This is a recent etching of a view of the canal as it weaves it's way from Aston, through Snow Hill and onwards to the BT tower and the city centre.

They have been inked up in sanguine and warm sepia Charbonnel inks.

Danny Gregory

l would like to flag up the blog of Danny Gregory who is an inspiration to anyone with self-doubt about their creativeness and has written some great books, one which l have is 'Everyday Matters'. He encourages people to observe and draw in their daily doings and journalling. If you're feeling jaded or tired with the commercial pursuit of creativeness, his outlook and perspective will certainly revive that essential innate love of drawing.
Well worth a visit and the site has a wealth of archived posts and attracts many comments.

Meeting the Creator

l had the pleasure of meeting Pete Ashton, the man behind Created in Birmingham blog and a very amiable and knowledgeable chap he was to chat with as he talked to a group of creatives on the Makers and Shapers course run by Creative Alliance based in The Custard Factory. He performs the amazing feat of filtering the many and diverse blogs and websites in the locality and offering a sample of his trawl and encouraging and promoting online communities in the true tradition of the internet ethos.

He kindly agreed pose for a photo during the lunch break

Severn Street

These are some sketch studies of details of the British School and local skyline - Radisson Tower making a great contrast - which is situated on Severn Street on one side of The Mailbox. The materials uses are pencil and water soluble crayons in a Muji sketchbook.