Nov 2008

Birmingham University rooftops

A recent etching & aquatint image has been that of the clock tower and domes that make up the Great Hall complex on Birmingham University’s Edgbaston campus. The domes have a Byzantine grace and l hope to generate more materal from this site.

The initial drawing..

was followed up by a pen rendering on draughting film that formed the line etching..

from which l pulled the printed image..

experimenting with a plate tone...

and trying out a version in Paynes Grey

'Consumed' drypoint

This is an initial drypoint study based on the demolition of a high rise tower in the Highgate end of Sherlock Street, Birmingham adjacent to the former Brooklyn College site which is also being taken down. It is somewhat rough and l will be repeating it a larger scale to better utilise the mark-making characteristic of drypoint etching.

Birmingham University Exhibition

Members of Birmingham Print Makers have put up an exhibition in Staff House at the University of Birmingham which runs until December 23rd


I would like to advertise these current and future shows in which l have submissions.

The biennial RBSA Print exhibition includes examples of work from most print techniques and offers a stunning visual feast for the eye