Oct 2008

Repeat performance

Having attempted to re-etch part of the plate below to introduce darker tones below the bridge and ruined the plate in the process l was needing to repeat the image from scratch.

Unfortunately, the second attempt wasn’t sucessful

But after battling a third time an acceptable image was achieved!

Shown below are views of the plate towards the end of the etching process. Most of the plate is painted over with the oxide coloured Speedball screenfiller which is used to ‘stop out’ those areas of the plate which have been etched and need to be protected from further etching.

This is the section of the plate that required further etching as it wasn’t robust enough to survive more than a few ink ups before it softened and lost it’s tonal qualities

A Grand Day Out

Last Tuesday saw me down in London for the opening of the Society of Graphic Fine Art (SGFA) in which l had 3 pieces of work. Earlier in the day l was delighted to learn that my application for associate membership of the SGFA had been sucessfull.
Whilst l was in the vicinity of the Southbank, l popped into the the Bankside Gallery and was delighted to find the annual touring exhibition of the Society of Woodengravers in residence which is definetly worth visiting.
The legendary Ken Howard opened the exhibition giving a thoughtful and humourous speech. To add to my enjoyment of the day, l was awarded a highly commended prize for the ‘Regeneration’ theme of the exhibition with my submission ‘Changing Birmingham’.
The Menier Gallery venue was great and the atmosphere on the night was friendly with people coming up to me and asking me about my work.