Oct 2011

Open Day at Birmingham Printmakers


Our second open day in the month of November - an opportunity to buy original, handmade cards, wrapping paper as well as original prints and meet working printmakers.
Mince pies and refreshments will be available.

Birmingham Printmakers

Originals Inprint


l am pleased to say that examples of my work can be purchased from Originals-Inprint. Please visit.

Clifton suspension bridge

Continuing a line of bridge inspired work is another smaller rendering of the famous Clifton Suspension bridge designed by isambard Kingdom Brunel in the early nineteenth century, halted by the Bristol Riots and only completed after his death in 1864.

This is an early stage proof of a 15x10 cm zinc etching.


Moseley Art Markets

As well as my regular half stall sharer Laura who makes exquisite jewellery we found ourselves next to the stall of Robert Geoghan who combines artistic skill with witty observational humour in his depictions of local Birmingham scenes!
We will all be gathered together at the next Moseley Art market on November 26th along with many other creatives.

New works

This week l’ve created a submission for the upcoming 20/20 event organised by Hotbed press.

’Spitfire’ is a 20x20 cm relief print cut from a piece of flooring vinyl.


The other print is a first for me in having a traditional rosin aquatint applied by hand and using a ferric chloride Edinburgh etch on zinc and measures 25x20 cm
The subject is inspired by the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol.

St Paul's sketch


Sitting on a wall outside the Bankside Gallery - after viewing wonderful work by Edward Hutchison - and before picking up supplies from Intaglio Printmaker, l had sufficient time to make an impression of St Paul’s Cathedral in my moleskine.