Sep 2007

RBSA Small Prints exhibition

Another great exhibition opening tomorrow and an opportunity to buy affordable prints from some top printmakers - especially on Wednesday night.

Chamberlain Square

These are a few sketch studies made over the last 3 weeks or so in the vicinity of Chamberlain Square/Paradise Forum which might form the basis for future print ventures.

Another stage

l've gouged out the design for what will be the first colour stage in my current 'Planespotting' woodcut.

The next three images are the above plate printed in three different colours and overprinted in black with the final plate which l showed in the previous post. It's amazing to see the transformative process that takes place when layers of pattern and colour interact and an image comes to life.

l think these work in their own right but l shall create another plate which will be printed up after the initial colour and before the last plate in order to give a second colour and another outcome.

Birmingham Printmakers still appear to be heading for a departure from Lee Bank Business Centre before the end of the year as there appears to be no viable way of meeting the full business rate rents that we would face once Council subsidising support is withdrawn. We are urgently looking for alternative spaces in the city.

BPM are represented in the Council House and in Victoria Square, Birmingham over the weekend of Sept 16/17 as part of the Artsfest event.

so you can meet printmakers in the flesh!

Work in progress

Hi. Thought you might like to see a couple of images (relating back to post of 28/8) of my current woodcut. One shows the actual plate which l've been gouging away on and the other is the resultant print. This block will be the one l ink up last in the sequence to provide the final and darkest colour on top of the layers of colour. l may have to work further on this design depending upon the colour block (reduction) outcome. However l like this design in it's own right and will print off a small edition from this. l'm in the process of printing off the first layer of colour from a second block, the result of which l'll post in the next few days.
l was fortunate to have my Bristol Street etching selected for the current RBSA Friends exhibition, well worth a detour over to the Jewellery Quarter - and whilst at the private view on Thursday l was introduced to a fellow printmaker and a prizewinner at this show, Susan Steele, who is based up at the Ridware Arts Centre up in Staffordshire and which l hope to visit myself in the near future.
Apologies for the curving effect from my self-taken digital images - l hope to find out one day how to avoid this.

Planespotting - plate

Planespotting - print