Sep 2008

Angel Forge

At a recent art event l came across the work of Richard Hastings who makes very attractive work from forged metal. Based in Hereford, his Angel Forge company features a range of ornate and distinctive items - we were fascinated by the vases (above) and bowls.

Open Exhibition - Society of Graphic Fine Arts

Some of my work has been accpeted for the 87th Open Exhibition of the Society of Graphic Fine Art which opens of September 30th. This will mark my first showing of work in London.

Circle In The Square Exhibition

As a member of Birmingham Art Circle a couple of pieces of my work are included in a stimulating show currently open at the RBSA until Saturday October 27th which is also the day l am scheduled to be demonstrating relief printmaking. All the demonstrations are listed under the ‘events’ section of the RBSA site.

Concluding Cat

Having cut a fourth plate in an effort to bring off a three colour image - and found it to be ‘busy’ and confused - l reverted to the two colour print and ended up with some reasonable results.

These are images of an inked up plate and stages of the image before the final black line.

and some of the final results:

Although l have used water washable relief inks exclusively up to this point, l was finding that the black line was often erratic in definition and impact. Part way through this project l tried out a traditional oil based black and found it to be more consistent and delivered a much deeper and luxuriant quality - only offset by the more laborious cleaning up procedure which would deter me from switching all my colours to traditional oil based!