Work in progress

Hi. Thought you might like to see a couple of images (relating back to post of 28/8) of my current woodcut. One shows the actual plate which l've been gouging away on and the other is the resultant print. This block will be the one l ink up last in the sequence to provide the final and darkest colour on top of the layers of colour. l may have to work further on this design depending upon the colour block (reduction) outcome. However l like this design in it's own right and will print off a small edition from this. l'm in the process of printing off the first layer of colour from a second block, the result of which l'll post in the next few days.
l was fortunate to have my Bristol Street etching selected for the current RBSA Friends exhibition, well worth a detour over to the Jewellery Quarter - and whilst at the private view on Thursday l was introduced to a fellow printmaker and a prizewinner at this show, Susan Steele, who is based up at the Ridware Arts Centre up in Staffordshire and which l hope to visit myself in the near future.
Apologies for the curving effect from my self-taken digital images - l hope to find out one day how to avoid this.

Planespotting - plate

Planespotting - print